Look!  Our new sign is up at the park!

Visit Polo Grounds Park

Its a family effort!

You're a piece of the puzzle

How do you polo park?

Joining forces to make the perfect park experience!

Construction complete, you may now use the restroom!

We still need donations, please buy a paver to honor your loved HERE!

"If we build it, they will go!  
The GoGo Polo building with restrooms and concession feature will be the crowning improvement to Polo Grounds County Park.  The safe and inviting GoGo Polo will be community funded, with local businesses and Santa Cruz County already committed to providing goods and services.

                                The Cabrillo Host Lions Club is leading this community improvement program. 

                                Lions Club International: "We Serve"

Youth Soccer, Little League, Softball
Musical events, Art shows, Exhibitions
Private parties, Weddings
Picnics and romantic walks!
Nature Hunts for students!
Canine socializing at the dog park ☺
Thrilling BMX rides

GoGo Polo!  ☺